About Us

RTHG Nigeria Limited is an engineering company established to offer first class safety, security and environment services for the entire West African market.

Our company is defined by the following guiding principles:

Quality Products

At RTHG services, we ensure that all our products and services meet the highest standard and approvals. We distribute products from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) which have undergone testing and certification from leading standard bodies like ISO, UL/FM, NFPA, VDS, EN. Our team of experienced engineers also takes care to specify only the appropriate standard equipment for fire safety.

Over the years we have acquired technical expertise from world leaders in the manufacture of high quality electronic security systems.  This coupled with our strong support and maintenance culture has enabled us establish very good relationships with our clients

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is a very vital part of our company policy. From the point of enquiry to the commissioning and handing over of our projects, we ensure that all the needs of our clients are met for the protection of both human resources and critical assets areas in their organizations. Our technical department is always on ground to survey, analyze hazards and provide solutions to meet specific needs of each of our customers.

Our service process entails the following stages: Information/Enquiry --> Site Survey --> Hazard Analysis --> Design Quotation --> Product Supply --> Implementation --> Technical Support and after sales service. We also offer a year warranty on all our products with all year round after sales services.


We pledge our firm commitment towards research and development into new technologies and processes in fire safety engineering. This will further assure our clients of the latest and best available systems for their fire protection need at lower costs.

New generation fire protection systems are introduced as we carry out a comparative analysis among various fire protection systems.

Safety & Environmental Protection

Sequel to the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer and international conventions on the phasing out of Halons, CFCs, and other ozone depletion substances, we undertake the disposal and replacement of Halons, CFCs and other ozone depleting substances, in collaboration with our technical partners in the United Kingdom.

We also ensure through our engineering designs that human safety levels are not exceeded at all times in all areas of fire protection.